DR YES: Welcome, my pretties. . .

Welcome to a new tale, and a new blog theme.

This blog will have a lot of cool spy gadgets on it.

Jimmy Bind and Yen have appeared before, in January 2010. Here’s their previous story in its full and chronological form:

January 19: Complete Story of “The Spy Who Shoved Me”

Jimmy Bind still has an inexhaustible supply of gaffa (aka duct tape, for you USAers out there), plus all the gadgets he had first time around – a shoe phone, two cast iron matchbox cars (with grapples and cameras built in), a sleeping-gas pen and blow-up gum.

Yen is the Chinese super-spy he apprehended last story.

Anyone feel the lack of a specific gadget or spy trope? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do.

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