DR YES: Men in trenchcoats

This is not a spy story. But it is actually true from beginning to end, and it happened – you’ll love this – in 1800s Britain. Enjoy!

My grandmother’s parents died when she was fourteen, so she raised her two younger brothers on her own. When she was a young woman, she was walking home on her own when she realised she was being followed.

The gentleman wore a top hat and a long dark trenchcoat. The night was misty and (remember this is the 1800s) dark.

My grandmother sped up – so did he. She slowed down, and he didn’t turn away. As she crossed a bridge, he caught up to her, and threw off the trenchcoat to terrify the young woman with all his naked glory.

She looked at him without flinching and said, “Is that all?”

Because nothing is scary once you’ve raised teenage boys.

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