#96: Sew Something

I’ve had a basketful of semi-sewn scraps for about ten years. That’s over a third of my life.

Today was the day to attempt to make something of them. Specifically, a pretend quilt. Some of the pieces have stories – my Year 10 formal dress (first in a dynasty of similar dresses, two others of which are also represented), a sarong, part of a woven bag from Indonesia, some curtains, some of the wrap my mum made me for my Year 12 formal, part of a cushion cover, etc.

This is how they looked when I started (after cutting many squares and sewing them in rows a decade ago):

This is how they looked partway through (sorting out the rows so they made a doona-cover shape; getting attacked by cat):

(The foot isn’t mine, incidentally. I’m not THAT hairy.)

And this is how the completed doona cover looked when I finished – and added a possessed cat I’d prepared earlier (I had sewn the combined pieces to the doona cover, cunningly remembering to leave a doona opening):

I have now spent five hours on what was an “almost finished” doona cover thingy. I ran through half a dozen bobbins (that’s a lot of thread), but accomplished the whole project without ever using a pin. Yay for “near enough is good enough”!

I also read another person’s manifesto today, which is here: http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/a-brief-guide-to-world-domination/comment-page-8/#comment-19751

The most important part is to ask yourself two questions:

1. What do I want out of life?

2. What can I give the world that no-one else can?

My answers were:

What do I want?

To matter.

Specifically, I want to inspire others to live heroic lives by writing excellent books, and by living a heroic life. I’ve recently altered my blog to more overtly live a life of Daily Awesomeness (as you may have noticed).

What can I give to the world that no-one else can?

My writing.


I think the one thing the author should also have said is that courage is like muscles – it needs a gradual increase in exercise to get strong. So if you’re scared to go to a party – go to a party, but take a friend. Then build up to further heroic acts. If you’re scared of sewing, FLEE! FLEE LIKE THE WIND!!!!

Play along at home: What is a small fear you have (sewing definitely counts)? Do something a teensy bit brave this week, and/or fix one thing from that stupid mending basket.

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2 thoughts on “#96: Sew Something

  1. OMG your doona looks awesome!

    What did I do today that was new? I went runing for the first time in about 12 years. Huzzah for imminent fitness!

  2. Hi W, thanks for doing something awesome and making me feel like I’m part of something (and not just because I sewed myself into the doona cover at 2am). I think “runing” is a great typo – like you’re getting fit, not by running, but by the black arts.


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