#108: Guerilla Gardening

I woke up sore from yesterday’s sewing. Pretty sure that makes me an ATHLETE OF AWESOMENESS.

This idea came from another awesomeness enthusiast, http://www.yesandyes.org/

Here’s how to guerilla garden, Louise Style.

1. Grab an enthusiastic bunch of friends.

2. Select a public garden that needs love (the half-dead plant in the pot is my oh-so-generous donation).

3. Weed the patch, pausing only to realise that gardening tools exist for a reason. Drive home, scour the house for tools, and come back with a kitty litter scoop and a pair of scissors. Weed more.

4. Admire what you’ve done.

5. Pause and be picturesque.

6. Drive home while brushing ants, centipedes and spiders from your clothes, hair and skin.

7. Strip naked, burn your clothes, and shower until you stop twitching. Bonus points if you remember to close the bathroom window first (the one overlooking an innocent neighbour’s kitchen).

8. Feel strangely good about having made a tiny piece of the world better.

Play along at home: Is there a plant blocking your pavement or driveway? Prune it. Are there weeds in your elderly neighbour’s front yard? Sneak in and steal them away. Do you live in a completely unmaintained rental property? Pick one corner to make your own tiny garden (remembering that it’s illegal to plant new things there – which makes it way more fun). Proclaim your criminal acts right here.

Coming soon:

Secret Number One (it’s from http://steffmetal.com/101-ways-to-cheer-yourself-up/).

#121: Celebrate passover (you can find scripts and recipes online – my family is Christian and uses one that notes all the Messianic symbolism along the way). I believe Thursday is the best day, but I’ll be doing it on Wednesday.

#109: Create and eat a whole meal of one colour.

S#78: Adopt a pet.

#122: Spend a whole day in a mega-size bookshop, including having coffee there (my partner, CJ, is RATHER excited about this one).

S#13: Take a bubble bath.

#110: Secret Number Two. . . you’re gonna love it.

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