S#64: Lego (aka Secret Number 1)

Why was lego kept secret? Because my partner loves it. In the last month, he’s probably mentioned the lego of our future children once a week on average (not that we’re either pregnant or trying to be pregnant). I also know he particularly approves of the stuff that ISN’T a kit – the stuff where you need to invent your own style.

So today, I went and bought some.

Here it is (a $30 box of Duplo):

Here’s what I made with it (the people are from a different set):

I SMSed to let CJ know there was something on the table for him, and not to wait for me.

Here’s how he found it, when he came home (the heart wall fits inside the box):

Here’s what he did with it (for the record, that’s not a bird and a dog, it’s a dinosaur and a crocodile):

In other news, my cat likes the new quilt so much that she poked her head underneath and posed herself like so:

Play along at home: Got a lego set in a dusty corner? Play with it. Or find something else recommended for ages 1 to 5, like this is.

Tomorrow: Passover Celebration.

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5 thoughts on “S#64: Lego (aka Secret Number 1)

  1. Awesome. I laughed so hard at ‘here’s what he did with it’. I can just picture him making it with glee.

    1. Yep. This morning when I got up, the dinosaur was eating the crocodile.

      It then took me a considerable amount of time to make a cat. Which looks like a dog.

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