#122: Someone else’s tradition (and twitter)

Today’s awesomeness is to dive into someone else’s tradition (especially if it’s food). I tried tsoureki, a traditional Greek bread served at Easter. This is a picture of some with a boiled egg dyed red added:

There’s a recipe here: http://greekfood.about.com/od/greekbreadspitas/r/tsoureki.htm

The lady who gave me my taste said that it was very difficult to make, since it has to be cooked three times (unlike in the above recipe, which clearly is for wimps). It was heavy and subtley sweet, with an almond glaze. I didn’t think it was worth all that much trouble, so I suspect this is one of those traditions (like Turkey at Christmas) which grew out of the need to use a culinary invention, but to also make sure it doesn’t get eaten too often.

Today is Friday, so here’s “Bridezilla” so far:


It’s pay day, so I buy pillows. Luckily my wedding dress makes a good maternity dress. I hope this plan works. Tomorrow, here I come.


I dress as a VERY expectant bride and go to the bakery store. As I order a huge pile of hot cross buns, I put one hand to my giant stomach.


“Oh you poor dear!” says the matronly type I’ve been observing for days. “Don’t bother paying for those buns.”


She winks, “And may I STRONGLY recommend entering our restaurant-dinner-for-two competition?”

I obey her while silently applauding my act.

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