#109: Spend a whole day in a bookshop

Fine. I admit it. I stole this idea from http://wordgardening.blogspot.com.

Today I took my insatiable-book-loving partner and myself to Canberra’s biggest bookstore: Borders. We spent many hours there, and stopped for a hot chocolate and a chocolate caramel slice partway through. Before we even left the house, we had decided to buy one book each. No more, no less.

(Before I go any further, I should mention that my fish are all still alive, and I’ve now mastered that wacky pH thing, plus given the non-danios toys and places to hide from their manic companions.)

I spent large chunks of time reading – everything from “Lofts” (other people’s incredibly pretentious and clean-yet-uncomfortable looking living spaces) to “Up the Duff” by Kaz Cooke (giggling maniacally throughout, and wincing rather a lot at what I’ll be facing a few years from now). I finished “Deep Water” by Pamela Freeman last night, which is the second book in her Castings trilogy, so it was the perfect time to allow myself just one book to buy. Only one problem (other than wanting about nine other books before even looking at anything): Borders had sold out. In the end, we went and bought it from Dymocks. I definitely couldn’t wait until it came into the library. That could be weeks!

An interesting side effect of browsing is that I literally salivate. Ah, books. . . how wonderful you are.

My partner bought “Leviathan” by Scott Westerfeld, which he’s just read (borrowed from a friend), and wanted to own, “Because it’s not just a book, it’s an artifact”.

He’d give it a G or PG rating, and I’d give the Casting trilogy an M rating (nothing gratuitous, but there’s sex and rape, plus various other violence, and supernatural stuff involving gods and at least one goddess). Both are EXCELLENT speculative fiction books (“Leviathan” is steampunk, and the Casting trilogy is fantasy). Pamela Freeman is Australian, and Scott Westerfeld spends half his year in Sydney and the other half in New York.

Tomorrow: A whole meal in one colour.

Play along at home: Go hide in a Borders armchair and read whatever you like. Or spend a chunk of time at your library (sneaking snacks inside when you go). Or, if you have money, go on a wild shopping spree at a bookshop near you. But make sure you spend such a long time there that you start getting physically hungry. Alternately, raid a friend’s well-stocked bookshelves. It’s a technique that has served me well for many years (until I married someone who had over three hundred books. . . not the only reason I married him, I swear).

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3 thoughts on “#109: Spend a whole day in a bookshop

  1. Dear Louise – how lovely to read this post! I’m so glad you couldn’t wait until Full Circle was in the library. That’s the biggest compliment an author can have. I also agree with you about the M rating. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 15, either. I have some trouble with younger readers of mine, especially boys who’ve read my Quentaris book, wanting to go on to the trilogy. I’ve learnt the best way to discourage them is to tell them it’s about true love! (which is absolutely true, as far as it goes….)

    Hope you enjoy Full Circle – let me know!

    1. Hello Pamela. What a wonderful shock to see your name!

      I finished “Full Circle” within hours, and was going to write and tell you (via your web site, presuming you have one) once I’d written the review properly (which I’ll still do in the next week or so). The short version is that, before I even finished the book, I realised I wanted to immediately go back to the trilogy beginning and start again (and I’ve already read “Blood Ties” twice in the last two months). There are tiny moments throughout the books that will stick with me forever.


  2. Thank you for letting me know about your idea thieving (it’s much less of a crime that way). You’ve actually given this idea more life than I have since I am putting off my trip until I have enough money to walk away from the experience measurably heavier. Please stop by my blog more often. 🙂

    Heidi Rose

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