#123: A whole meal of one colour

This was FUN. Many thanks to http://insert-witty-and-apt-url-here.blogspot.com who gave me the idea by her own list.

Guess what colour I chose?

The meal is pea and ham soup with green chips (slightly overcooked, I confess), with lemon lime mineral water and zucchini and fetta pancakes for dessert. The only artificial colouring is on the potatoes. And also all over my fingers. (Still, as I type.)

I was planning to cook the soup, but I panicked at the last moment and bought a can.

It was surprisingly yummy and fun (especially since my partner had forgotten all about it, but of course remembered when he saw it all), and I recommend this for anyone.

Play along at home: The pancakes are made just like normal ones (milk, flour, an egg), but with a grated zucchini and some chopped fetta added (then a short visit to a blender). Or make your own completely original meal. Don’t tell your housemates, either, if you can help it.

Tomorrow: “Lord of the Rings” marathon. I can’t wait!

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Aragorn bit Frodo on the fin, but other than that the fish are doing fine. I’ve decided that Legolas *IS* a man after all. Probably.

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