#127: Unusual exercise

I have a friend who is six years younger than me. When she turned sixteen (four years ago) I went to her party, and played DDR (“Dance Dance Revolution”) for the first time. This is what the game looks like (the screen shows moving arrow combinations, and you step on the corresponding foot arrows in time, or try to):

I am now twenty-eight years old – a great-great grandmother in arcade game years. But I still sometimes dig up the courage to go and play DDR.

It’s exercise, sure. But because you’re concentrating on trying to put your feet on the right arrow at the right time, you are distracted from the usual boredom, sweat and pain. It’s strangely compelling.

Play along at home: Sneak into an arcade and play DDR for yourself ($1 gets you 3-5 songs if you don’t die horribly). Or just go for a walk somewhere you haven’t walked before.

Tomorrow: “Guitar Trek” at the ANU school of music (free, and at 2:50pm, fyi) – another great performance organised by ABC classic FM (at least I assume it’s great – it hasn’t happened yet). And don’t worry – secret #2 is coming soon. It’s. . . complex.

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