#110: Play an elaborate prank (aka Secret Number Two)

Two confessions: First, I did this last Saturday, not technically today.

Second, my original plan was much more elaborate, but I realised it was cruel to animals, so I didn’t do it (I was going to sneak my fish into a friend’s house and put them in his drinking glasses – inside the cupboard).

So what did I do?

Last Saturday a friend and I hosted a cheese and wine party at her house (eventually it’ll be blogged about here, but this week is full). Technically, her “house” is a two-storey flat with a balcony.

At around eleven at night, when everyone was relaxed, I went to the bathroom. No-one suspected a thing. I went quietly out the front door, hitched up my ankle-length satin skirt (really!) and climbed up the outside wall, utilising:

1) the bumper of someone’s car

2) a wheelie bin (which I moved. . . those things aren’t as solid as they look, by the way)

3) the bathroom window ledge

4) a handily-placed security light

5) the carport roof

6) a metal fence between the carport and the roof

7) the balcony.

I did all of this in silence (despite the fact that the carport roof is made of tin), and without flashing anyone (at least, not as far as I know).

When I’d rearranged my voluminious skirts, I was ready.

(Oh, did I mention it had been raining?)

The half dozen slightly sozzled friends inside all heard the knock on the door. I like to think all of them had a little moment where they wondered just who or what fantastic creature enters through the second storey door.

They came and opened the door (I noticed it was the menfolk who actually did the deed), and their faces were a delight to see. They refused to let me in until I explained how I’d done it.

Life is better when there’s the occassional hint of the surreal.

Thanks once again to http://wordgardening.blogspot.com for inspiring today’s awesomeness.

Play along at home: Wear a fake moustache to work (extra points if you’re a girl), or remove an item of furniture from your sister’s room (minus points if you upset her). Serve someone tea with pink food colouring, or walk to work on stilts. Do something just a bit off-kilter, and enjoy turning the universe slightly to the left.

Tomorrow: Self defense class at Belconnen Community Centre at 8pm.

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