#128: Cheese Party

Observant readers may notice that “cheese party” and “self-defence class” are not the same thing. I was sick today, so I’m using awesomeness I prepared earlier. Specifically, last Saturday.

Many of the awesome items on my various lists are the kind of thing that people think of like so: “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I. . . nah, I shouldn’t.” This is firmly one of them, for the simple reason that it costs moolah.

So. Cheese. Fun to say, funner still to eat. I wanted to go WAY over the top, so I bought some cheese myself, and also asked each guest to bring a specific type (they got to take home the leftovers, or swap with someone else). In total we ended up with:

Brie, camambert, edam, havarti, gouda (with caraway seeds), swiss, gruyere (which I discovered I hate, and which made the house smell bad for days), blue (which I already knew I hated), apricot and almond, fruit nut and brandy, melon and mango – and basil cashew and parmesan dip (not all of these are in the picture). I made fondue with the swiss and gruyere, and we also had tomatoes and avocado and pepper and various types of crackers, etc. And chicken and cognac pate. And red and white wine. And butterbeer.

It was quite a night. It cost me about $40, and everyone had plenty of delicious loot to take home at the end.

Play along at home: What’s something that costs about $20 that you’ve been putting off doing because you “shouldn’t spend that on something so frivolous.” Go do it. Come back and tell us about it. If it’s especially fabulous, I’ll add it to my own list.

Alternatively, express your awesomeness solidarity by buying one or more of the cheeses from the above list.

Tomorrow: The Carillon

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2 thoughts on “#128: Cheese Party

  1. I am LOVING reading these. They make me so happy!

    CDH and I got hooked on handmade soap when we were in the middle east. I brought home enough to last us five months, and we ran out just the other week, so I went to this AMAZING soap shop just around the corner from the train station (you can smell it INSIDE the train station – it’s that epic) and spent up large on handmade soap.

    Yeah, it’s $10 a bar, but it smells AMAZING (we can smell it when we walk past the bathroom), it lasts longer than soap you buy at the snoopymarket, and we have never had anything make our skin look so good. We both get hardcore zits and CDH has dry skin on his back, and we used to use zit clenser but handmade soap works so much better. I use only that soap on my skin and it looks as feels the best it’s ever felt.

    So yeah, that is our new “frivolous $20 purchases” at the moment 🙂

    1. Thank you Steff! I’m really surprised at how much better my general quality of life is since I began the Daily Awesomeness thing. It’s not easy, but so far it’s very very worth it. And all inspired by you!

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