#131: Take a nap

Today my car is broken (despite having a major service under two weeks ago), and needs a new part.

Today I went to the shops (because we were utterly out of bread) for a “few things” and ended up spending $100. (I looked at the receipt to figure out what happened, and realised that most of it was accounted for by kitty litter, toilet paper, and sanitary pads. So we pretty much just need to cease bodily functions. Stupid bodily functions.) I also forgot to buy bread.

I need to edit three novels, write a twitter tale, and wade through a very unappealing book (“Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern” by Anne McCaffery, who can write well but didn’t).

So I lay down on the couch, pulled my patchwork doona over me, and fell asleep. It was divine.

Play along at home: When’s the last time you had an afternoon nap? Find a sunny spot and enjoy doing nothing (whether you sleep or not). Bonus points if you:

1) Have a patchwork quilt, or an especially soft blanket.

2) Have an assignment due tomorrow/yesterday.

3) Are within sight of a cat. Cats are the experts, after all.

Coming soon:

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4 thoughts on “#131: Take a nap

  1. Oooh! Here’s an idea: a Bad Movie Night.
    I have both ‘Robot Monster’ and ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians’ within my easy reach as I type (and can get ‘Manos: the Hands of Fate’ at short notice…)

    Now, watching all three would probably kill us, but we could choose at least two.

  2. Don’t forget the other one:
    – Dance to the daggy music in a supermarket.
    –Bonus points for dancing with a friend (but dancing alone is scarier) and for collecting your groceries at the same time (in time with the music of course!).
    –Even more bonus points if you get “you’re a crazy weirdo” looks from customers.
    –Lose your points if you’re asked to leave.
    -Make up your own alphabet and write something in it.
    –Bonus points for things that aren’t like our normal writing (i.e. extra punctuation, logograms, writing vowels as diacritics).

  3. I’m tempted to have a nap this afternoon. So tired! But it looks bad to have a nap at your desk. Maybe if I shut the door…

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