#56: Spread Good News

Some of you already knew (the secret’s officially out), but here’s some good news I’ve been bursting to share for quite a while now. . . my sister is pregnant!

Now obviously, I’m delighted for her, her husband, and their child, whose life is pretty sweet so far. But there’s another side to my delight, which I shall explain in these three pictures.

My sister looks pretty much like this:

. . . I look pretty much like this:

But for most of this year, my sister will look like this:

You go, girl!

Play along at home: Get pregnant, and tell people (not recommended for all players). Find some good news – even if it’s just a friend’s birthday coming up – and share it with the world.

In other news, today I discovered http://emmylennevald.blogspot.com/ who is also doing everything on Steff Metal’s awesome list – http://steffmetal.com/101-ways-to-cheer-yourself-up/. Who knew there were two of us?

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7 thoughts on “#56: Spread Good News

  1. hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! my favourite so far: dress up (like a bear). which one is your favourite?

    1. I frolicked (froliced?) in a fountain this week, so that’s my favourite today. Of Steph’s, I’m loving “Adopt a pet” (I chose fish, which cost around $200 to set up because I went the semitropical route with more than one kind of fish). And of course I’m looking forward to the hot air balloon ride! What’s your favourite?


  2. haha! i’m not sure i can do the pet thing, i’m not really stationary right now, and i don’t know what customs would say…

    and i really don’t have the money for the balloon ride… plus wellington is way to windy for balloons. trying to think of how to compensate for it. might do the fountain frolic(k?)ing!

    might give myself five VETOs and do other cool things instead.

    looking forward to karaoke (movie clip on blog of course), but it’s not really a novelty to me…

  3. So no pregnancy for me, then? Whew! I’m kind of missing some prerequisites for pregnany (for example, all of them), so it’s a good thing. Not that I could support a child at the moment, anyway. 🙂

    Some new suggestions: Have a poetry reading. Bonus points if you read your own poetry or that of someone who is present.

    (Try to) Repair something that you would otherwise throw away. Bonus points if it’s mechanical.

    Hunt up a bargain at a junk market.

    Go antiquing in a small country town.

  4. Well that made me feel silly – I just read what tomorrow’s awesomeness is. That throws out one of my suggestions. On the other hand, you could repair something else!

    1. The car that will be fixed tomorrow was never going to be thrown out. Ergo, it can’t possibly count for “repair something”. WOW, so many suggestions. I now have a new segment of “suggestions from readers”. Very cool.

  5. BAHAAAHHAAA!!! just read this, o glad you are so genuinely and unselfishly happy for me for good balanced reasons! you made me laugh so much. Good work. Now excuse me while i go tear up my dress and find a dusty road to strut down before i get too fat….

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