#95 is “Give away money”. Is there anything more fun (well okay, probably spending it yourself, but that’s covered in SO many other posts)?

Pick an amount of money that you can live without, and give it away. You can give it to a charity, put it in a Salvos box, take a homeless person to Subway for lunch (or let them choose where to eat), drop it in a stranger’s mailbox (with an explanatory note), or find a uni student and give it to them. Or, if you’re lucky (by some definitions of the word) you have a pov family member.

My sister and brother-in-law are BOTH at uni, AND they’re pregnant, AND she’s my sister. So she was a pretty obvious choice. I called her last night to check it was okay to give her money and blog about it (it so abundantly was), and gave it to her today.

So now she looks a little like this:

Play along at home: $20 can really make someone’s day – and let them do one of the semi-expensive items of awesomeness, should they so choose.

Tomorrow: Fix the car.

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