#134: Play with a cat

‘Nuff said.

I spent about half an hour looking at this photo and giggling, and I giggle again every time I look at it. No cats (or fish, or glass items) were harmed in the making of this picture.

Play along at home: Find a pet (or, in a pinch, a small child) and amuse yourself at their (safe and harmless) expense. Remember to choose wisely, kemosabe, or you will die of blood loss at a pair of angry claws.

Coming soon:

#138: Poetry reading (thanks to reader W).

#144: Go somewhere I’ve never been (Pine Island).

#89: Edit a friend’s novel (hello to the friend – you know who you are).

#45: Take St John’s Wort (has calming properties).

#132: Try, try again.

#3: Go crazy in a lolly shop.

#118: Make a collage.

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2 thoughts on “#134: Play with a cat

  1. She’s in mime training. First she has to learn how to do it with the glass box there and then she’ll learn to do without it.

  2. New suggestion:

    – Broadway day. Watch a selection of Broadway shows (on dvd or youtube or whatever). I can provide you with a selection from different eras.

    – Bollywood day. I can also provide a selection of appropriate suggestions.

    Bonus points for both: dance along in the living room.

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