S#69: De-Clutter

It’s been at least six months since I dared look at the single shelf that holds all my jeans, non-hanging skirts, and non-hanging shirts (and, evidently, a good number of hanging skirts and jackets, too). Horrifying stuff:

Motivated mainly to find a particular skirt long since lost in the melee, I emptied out the shelf (mainly onto the bed) and sorted it into sleeve length of top and leg length of bottoms. My cat was kind enough to make sure she shed on items that had been safely buried until this moment.

Once everything was sorted (and some of my ridiculously high number of tank tops were put elsewhere until Summer), I folded everything and put it back in a sensible order.

I’m so delighted to find I was left with five of each sleeve length of shirt, and seven of the longer sleeves that will get increasingly important in the next little while. It turns out I don’t need to buy more, which is an added plus.

Play along at home: Pick one small, messy area of your home (messy either because it’s in constant use – making it useful to you – or very rare use – meaning it’ll stay tidy a long time) and make the clutter go away. Alternatively, look through your house (probably your cupboard in particular) and pick five items to throw or give away. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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3 thoughts on “S#69: De-Clutter

  1. There are some things in my cupboard that should not be seen. I don’t dare declutter it!

  2. My whole place needs declutterring! there is so much stuff in random places awaiting me finding them a home in my new digs…… I have actually thrown out a lot of stuff over the last few weeks – a lot of clothes, random paper products and some completely unidentifyable items from the back of the closets etc. I still have 2 boxes to go throw from the move – most of which will probably end up in the bin because there is just no more room.

    It is very cleansing though – downsizing can be a lot of fun, particularly when done with a glass of wine in one hand and 3/4 of the bottle gone 😉

    1. Mmm. . . I love throwing things away. Especially when they belong to CJ 🙂


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