#123: Edit a steampunk novel

Editing a novel is a mammoth task, and as a result it’s very satisfying to get to the end. I was lucky enough to edit a young adult steampunk novel which was well written and entertaining, so it therefore qualifies as today’s Daily Awesomeness. Here’s a steampunkish picture to give you a little hint of the place I’ve visited for so many hours this week:

This picture was taken from http://ageofsteam.wordpress.com.

Oh! And speaking of steampunk, Richard Harland recently wrote a post on how it’s done. http://ripping-ozzie-reads.com/2010/04/30/tips-for-writing-steampunk/

Play along at home: If you’re a writerly type, you can both give and receive helpful editing at sites like this one: http://editorunleashed.com/forum/

Tomorrow: A collage of awesomeness. Secret # 6 is having further issues, so may take another week or two – sorry. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

And now, as always on a Friday, here’s the current twittertale so far:



I woke with my face in concrete. Wet concrete. Not concrete – meat. Meat and blood, and it was in my MOUTH! Yuck! I sat up, spitting.

Then I saw the bodies all around me. No-one else was waking up, like I had. But a few others, like me, had blood dripping down their chins.

Wasn’t I just in maths class? I shook my head, trying not to scream. Hysteria took over, and I said aloud, “Please, not the maths!”


I sheltered overnight in an abandoned apartment. The homiest part was the curtains (burnt) but I found an unopened tin of baked beans.

Evidently even apocalypse survivors don’t eat baked beans. Also there was no can opener. I began to understand my own cannibalism.

My body was different, too – not just thinner. With a mirror, I discovered I was now in my twenties. What!?! Did I go to the prom or not?


I watched through burnt curtains as a group of people walked slowly down the street. They walked upright, and they weren’t as thin as me.

My belly rumbled, so I broke a two by four off the bed for a weapon, and went downstairs to follow the tall ones.

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  1. A new challenge:

    Barefoot for a day. Don’t wear shoes or socks or anything on your feet for a whole day. Obviously this one will have to wait until at least spring.

    Another one:

    Meet someone new, and find a common interest. Talk to them about it.

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