#118: Collage of Awesomeness

This is an idea from lovechelsealauren.blogspot.com (thanks Chelsea!)

I’m rubbish at collages (virtual or otherwise) but I quite enjoyed suddenly having a visual representation of some of my best awesome moments from the last little while. So here it is!

The links to the relevant blog entries are:

#132: Try, try again

S#81: Ice Cream Parlour

#144: Go somewhere I’ve never been (Pine Island)

#134: Play with a cat

#124: Frolic in a Fountain

S#63/2: The National Carillon

#123: A whole meal of one colour

#109: Spend a whole day in a bookshop

S#64: Lego (aka Secret Number 1)

S#98: Embrace Another Culture

S#53: Be a tourist in your own city

#90: Write a letter to my future self

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