#148: Nerf Duel

Ben suggested I conduct a nerf duel, using historical rules of combat. But historical rules are always either:

a) stuffy (like, I’d need to be a nobleman, which would require quite a bit of lifestyle change).

b) bloody (and it’s REAL hard to draw blood with a nerf gun).

Nevertheless, I got me some guns, some ammo, and the following fierce opponent (here photographed expertly loading his gun):

We lined ourselves up in the square, ready for battle.

And pow! Bang! Arg!

Until the inevitable end.

Not satisfied with having killed the narrator, the deadly gun-toting four year old turned on his Uncle CJ:

Naturally, since I’m now dead I don’t know the outcome of the second duel. I have just one comment – Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?

Look at those deadly eyes!

Coming soon: The reverse burglary victim revealed!

Secret # 6 (hopefully)

Go mad in a lolly shop (Mmmmm)

Eat Yum Cha (Mmmmm)

Three days without any junk food whatsoever (arg, the pain!!)

And a surprise or two

Today’s reverse burglary clue: My burglary did NOT take place on the day I posted it. So if you’ve been thinking, “I was home that day – I know for certain it wasn’t me!” then – guess again.

I know at least three tortured souls have been scouring their homes for candy, so I plan to actually reveal the location of the lollies. . . tomorrow.

In other news, my fish appear absolutely fine thus far, except there is white fuzz growing on the heater (I’ve cleaned it once with a toothbrush and boiling water, and I’ll clean it again) probably as a result of the first plant dying. I plan to buy one of those “I clean your tank” fish, hopefully today.

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