#108: Take someone on a date

My husband and I celebrate our monthly anniversaries. It’s one day a month where we have to do something awesome together and/or I get an excuse to forget about dinner plans and dishes and just enjoy food that appears like magic on the table in front of us (and he gets to not do as many dishes).

Last night we went to the ANU film club (anyone can be a member – you can pay as little as $15 for a week of movies http://anufg.org.au) and saw “Away We Go”. Because we buy membership at the beginning of the year, this was a “free” event.

We also ate an entire pack of Mars Pods. Mmm. . .

I always nibble off the biscuit then enjoy the weirdly-shaped chocolate and filling. It’s possible they’re the best lolly ever. But I digress. . .

Outside of the ANU Film Club program, I’d never heard of the movie (despite the fact that Maggie Gyllenhaal and a few other familiar faces were in it). It was described as an indie comedy-drama, and it’s about a couple that gets pregnant and travels around visiting friends and family in search of the right place to bring up their child. There’s a lot of extremely odd people (this is NOT a PG film – it opens with a funny sex scene – although they don’t show any visuals), and some heartbreaking tragedies. But mostly it’s incredibly funny and warm. It has lines including:

-That doesn’t make you look crazy at all.

-Would it be wrong to tell my daughter her mum was murdered?

-It’s all about the three S’s: No separation, no sugar, and no strollers.

No. . . strollers?

I love my children. Why would I choose to push my child away?


I really, really enjoyed it.

Play along at home: Pick someone – anyone – you love, and go on a date with them. I recommend taking one of your parents (because you probably don’t spend much time just talking to them – especially not just one at a time).

I just – literally this moment – discovered that yesterday’s post didn’t publish. I’ll take care of that immediately after this.

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