#153: Finding out what my kids will look like. . .

. . . if I marry the celebrities below:

Frodo (it could happen, dagnammit)

Faith (again, it could happen. . . with science. . .)

Elvis (SCIENCE, I tell you!)

CJ (on the basis that if I’ve heard of someone, they’re a celebrity):

Because that’s not creepy at ALL.

(Many thanks to Morphthing.com)

If you’re looking for today’s twittertale – it’s finished, so I posted it on the 26th (in its own entry, so you can just click on the “Completed Twittertale” button on the right).

Healthy weight range update: I lost two kilos this week (that’s several pounds). It hurt a LOT. One kilo to go. All I have to do is HOLD ON.

Fish update: Sherlock ATE one of the other fish. I just bought him a more specialised food, so hopefully it won’t happen again. Other than that, the fish seem happy. They’ve already outlived the last lot, so things are probably going to be fine.

STOP PRESS!!!!! Secret # 6 has HAPPENED. I’ll be posting ALL the details and pictures and video on Sunday.

In the meantime, here are some (probably misleading) clues: It took five hours (mostly because we did a very thorough job of it). I have blisters, a broken shoe, and a broken thumbnail.  I carefully wiped down the camera afterwards. A blue bucket played a pivotal role. One word: squidgy. Today also involved public places, and taking off my shoes.

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3 thoughts on “#153: Finding out what my kids will look like. . .

  1. Judging by The Wonders of Science!!! you and your husband’s child will wear rather a lot of eye-liner…

    …and Goggles… (definitely a Supervillain in the making)

    1. PhilB – hah! Yes indeed. I know exactly who spilled the beans to you, and fair enough!

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