#154: Savings. And the unisus kitten

For today’s awesomeness, I put money into a savings account. I aim to put money into that account every month, but this is the first time I’ve managed it this year. Having more than $20 saved up is pretty novel for me, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

But probably not that exciting for you. So here’s something extra awesome just for y’all.

This painting was brought into horrifying being by Jeff Zugale, and if you think the faces look familiar, you’re right. It’s a prompt for a writing competition to help lupus sufferers (because sometimes it IS lupus), and all the details are at http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/05/30/fanfic-contest/

It’s also my current desktop pic, while I begin writing a story of my own to go with it.

Play along at home: Either (a) Save some money, somewhere; or

(b) Write a fanfic story to go with the picture, and enter it in the competition for unusually good pay.

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One thought on “#154: Savings. And the unisus kitten

  1. You’re doing better than me. I’m lucky to get $5 in my savings account each month. Even then, I’m relatively often withdrawing from that savings account in order to help pay off my credit card 🙁 (it’s the best use of that money, honestly) *sighs at his current account balance* Plane flights from the East coast of the USA to Australia are expensive 🙁

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