S#56: Feed Ducks

I borrowed someone else’s children for this one.

Anyone currently residing in the antipodes will observe the blue sky in these pictures and know this was not a recent picnic. (I miss the sun so badly right now.) It happened about a fortnight ago and, since I hate and fear the outdoors, wasn’t technically my idea. All good though!

Have any of the Monty Python cast died? Because if so, I think they’ve reincarnated.

The strangest thing happened during the picnic. All of a sudden a murder of crows flapped into existence, alighting in all the trees around our picnic rug and screaming, and screaming, and screaming, for several minutes. Then they all flew away.

I’m mildly surprised none of us dropped dead. It was truly weird.

Play along at home: Next time the sun comes out (like RIGHT NOW if you’re in Canberra), flee your desk and bask for as many seconds as you can. Preferably near ducks – and away from crows. (If you live in the Northern hemisphere, I hate you right now.)

Coming soon: Marshmallow gun (almost certainly this Sunday).

Rediscover Winter clothes.

Fill your house with balloons.

Make trifle. (Or, in my case, eat it.)

Op shop shopping spree.

And some surprises.

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3 thoughts on “S#56: Feed Ducks

  1. Aww 🙁 You hate me? That’s no fun 🙁

    Winter this year was terrible, if you have to know. In March, I turned up to the doctor’s office saying I feel awful. After running a spate of tests, the doctor decided that my vitamin D level was critically low – five times lower than the recommended minimum level. I went on a prescription levels of the stuff for 8 weeks, and then checked in again. I managed to double my levels (and feel tonnes better), but that means I’m still 2.5 times lower than the recommended minimum level. Ugh. How much better will I feel when I’m up to par again?

    1. Hmm. . . so the computer screen tan doesn’t cut it, huh? I guess I can make a hatred exception for you, under the circumstances.

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