Three-Ingredient Thursday: Cream Cheese Lunch of Doom

Steff Metal suggested in last week’s comments that I should grill bread and thinly-sliced zucchini, and combine them with cream cheese (and sneak in some coriander when no-one’s looking). I did (minus the coriander, since I don’t like it). But, since I was experimenting, I also tried THIS:

I washed and peeled the potato and sliced it into pieces about half a centimetre thick (or a quarter inch), then baked them (20 minutes in a flat tray on high, then turned over for another ten minutes as the zucchini cooked). I sliced the zucchini as thin as I could and fried it in butter (butter as a cooking fat is considered a freebie ingredient by the rules I’m using – ditto for the spray oil I used on the potatoes).

Then I slightly-microwaved the cream cheese to make it spreadable, and made potato/cream cheese/zucchini sandwiches.

Most. Delicious. Thing. Ever.

Remember that block of cream cheese in the first photo? Most of it is now in my belly. I ate these things constantly for three days. I’m eating them again for a side with dinner tonight (this blog is usually a few days behind real time), and I can’t wait!

Next Thursday: Dessert.

Today’s fruit: mandarin for morning tea; dried figs for dessert (figs = fibre)

Today’s vegies: Avocado with lunch; celery and hommus for afternoon tea; mushrooms and potato-and-zucchini things with dinner (celery = cool food).

In Australia, we just switched Prime Ministers. Strange but true – and yes, it was just as sudden as it seemed (and yes, we’re having an election later this year). I wrote about it at (my slightly less child-safe/cheerful blog, which is still G or PG rated).

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