#94: Eat novelty food

Don’t you just love an unnecessarily complex meal? I know I do. Last Friday I discovered individually stone-grilled steak at the Weston Club in Canberra (for $10 at lunch time Thursday or Friday). You get your choice of sauce (I voted mushroom), plus vegetables or salad, plus your preferred form of potato (chips, mash or roasted). This is how it looked when it first arrived:

This was brilliant stuff (unless you like your steak rare, in which case you are far too classy to be here). I spent the whole meal cutting off bits of steak, searing the sides on the stone, dunking them in mashed potato, dunking them again in the mushroom sauce, and eating. *sigh*

It was exquisite.

Play along at home: Find a club or restaurant that does similarly unnecessary stuff to food, eg. a Teppinyaki restaurant. It’s playing with your food for grown ups!

Attentive viewers would have noticed that I accidentally posted one of July’s library pics yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it. Believe me, there’s a LOT more coming – every single July day will feature either a library or a cthulu (naturally the cthulu photos will be photoshopped ever so slightly). I’m pretty sure you get smart and richer (and possibly more tentacley) just looking at them. I know I have.

Coming soon: Sexy (don’t worry, it’s child-safe – and horrifying mental picture-safe too)

Recreate movie scenes using cheese (thanks to Ben for THAT suggestion)

Three-ingredient Thursday: Dessert (one I prepped before starting my four weeks of healthy eating)

Sort wedding photos

And a surprise or two.

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