#158: Cheesy Scenes

And. . . action!

For today’s awesomeness I used tasty cheese, fetta, and cream cheese (bought another delicious block yesterday).

This first scene is, OBVIOUSLY, the opening drama of the recent “Sherlock Holmes” adventure. My own small tribute to a great work.

As you can CLEARLY see, there’s a drugged young lass writhing picturesquely on the table, and Sherlock Holmes (clearly Sherlock, since he has a hat. And eyes) is rushing in to save the day. Hurrah!

After assembling the following dramatic climax to the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy (because nothing says, “Arg! Gollem just bit off my finger!” like cheese), I called CJ into the room. The look on his face was priceless. He sat down beside me and simply stared for some time.

There’s a traditional fantasy blessing and/or curse that says, “May you live in interesting times.” Thanks to marrying me, CJ is guaranteed to fulfil that saying. What a lucky guy.

Moving on.

Despite his intelligence, CJ somehow mistook the ring of power (which is CLEARLY shown in the extended features to be variable in size) to be some kind of shield. As if the seething pool of cheese lava didn’t give it away! See it bubble and spark!

Critical viewers may note that Frodo and Sherlock have some features in common. But the truly observant will notice that Frodo has the characteristic curly hair of his race – and, most importantly, he is MUCH shorter. So there.

The rest of my immediate family joined in, in their own way. Here my infamously grumpy cat (the one you DON’T put in a fishtank if you want to live) contributed the FLAMING EYE OF SAURON. Terrifying, I know.

And. . . scene.

Play along at home: Think of the best movie you’ve seen lately. Wouldn’t it be better in cheese?

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5 thoughts on “#158: Cheesy Scenes

  1. A new one (which you sort of already did, but why not again…):

    Celebrate an unusual anniversary(/mensiversary/centenary/whatever). Have yourself a celebration (individually or as a couple or as a group) marking the amount of time since something. Make it something you (or anyone else) wouldn’t usually celebrate. Someone I know is celebrating (in a good way) the anniversary of their sterilisation. You might also celebrate that day that you realised that you don’t actually like Michael Bolton music, or the anniversary of your long-passed great-grandmother’s wedding. Do something to commemorate the event, preferably something vaguely silly or undignified.

    1. W – I knew you were serious; come over on Friendsday Wednesday (7 July) and I’ll feed you deliciousness; I accept your challenge.

  2. I’ve seldom been truly lost for words, but coming upstairs to find cheesy Frodo left me honestly gobsmacked.

  3. I’m sure there have been quite a few cheesy Frodos before, just not in actual cheese.

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