S#27: Love Your Fear

I hate and fear Winter. More than you’d think.

It’s July now, and I’m already dreading Winter next year. I usually get depressed in March, by horrified anticipation. My face peels off, my skin burns (dermatitis – I’m literally allergic to clothing), and the core of me stays cold until October.

So I’m going to try to love Winter. If I can pull it off, I’ll save myself six months of annual misery.

Here’s what I’ve found to love about Winter:

– I love the smell of wheat packs

– The constant beanie-wearing cleverly conceals bad hair days

– Garlic becomes a food group

– There’s nothing to dread; it gets better from here

– Chocolate becomes a food group (and tastes better, and doesn’t melt)

– Body odour is not an issue like in Summer

– There’s far more sunshine inside

– My cats are MUCH friendlier

– I love making soup, and lasagna (CJ makes the best lasagna ever), and anything containing potatoes.

– I’m safely distanced from Christmas (family events give me panic attacks, and giving presents is a nightmare on my stupid income), and Christmas holidays (when I earn less than $50 a week for six weeks).

Play along at home: What do you like about Winter?

Throughout July I’ll be posting a picture of either a library or a cthulu (or perhaps, someday, both) as companion to the twittertale “When Good Libraries Go Bad.” Thames&Hudson published a book of library photos taken by Candida Höfer. You can see the details at http://www.thamesandhudson.com/9780500543146.html. This photo is a reproduction from that collection (pass your mouse over the picture to see which library it is).

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4 thoughts on “S#27: Love Your Fear

  1. I like cuddling on the couch with boys…… Sadly the number who are available is small…….

    You can substitute small children, but its not as romantic!

      1. No – it gets hot and sweaty – and not in a good way 😀

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