Three-Ingredient Thursday: Baked Apple

Does the existence of fruit make a dessert healthy? You decide.

1. Peel and core the apple.

2. Block one end of the hole with butter and put a whole lot of sugar and a bit of cinnamon inside before blocking the other end with more butter.

3. Cook on high in the microwave about three minutes (the apple should look like pie apple when it’s done – yellow instead of white).

4. Forget to take a picture until you’ve eaten most of it.

Every so often, the thought of fruit turns my stomach, especially when I just know that apple lurking in the fridge is going to be sour. This method solves that problem, and is especially delicious in Winter.

Tomorrow: Cook with your home-grown herbs (or in my case, the mint plant I stole from the neighbours).

Coming soon: A linked list to every single awesome thing I’ve done so far.

Throughout July I’ll be posting a picture of either a library or a cthulu (or perhaps, someday, both) as companion to the twittertale “When Good Libraries Go Bad.” Thames&Hudson published a book of library photos taken by Candida Höfer. You can see the details at This photo is a reproduction from that collection (pass your mouse over the picture to see which library it is).

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