Three-Ingredient Thursday: Christmas Salad

Fine! I confess. There are four ingredients. I snuck in the sesame oil on the basis that although it isn’t USED as a cooking fat (which’d make it a freebie ingredient according to the rules), it COULD be.

This is why I’m not a master criminal.*

The ingredients are baby roma tomatoes, baby spinach leaves**, and fetta. With sesame oil.

How to play along at home:

Wash/wash and cut/cut/mix in. Note: do not wash the sesame oil or fetta.

Now, time for further confessions.

Due to the fact that I cordially dislike baby spinach and tomatoes, and I don’t think fetta is enough protein to satisfy a human, I added more ingredients – specifically mint (huge taste difference), mushrooms (which I actually do like, though they’re not quite as bold in colour as the first three) and cold ham. My justification for today is that you can eat the Christmas salad if you like, OR you can use it as a base, and add whatever else suits you (apple and peanuts are particularly good). It’s called the Christmas salad because of the colours.

What I actually ate (and enjoyed):

This is the only salad I don’t refuse to eat. I’m hopefully getting tested this week to find our if I am ALLERGIC TO FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. Seriously. There’s a condition called fructose malabsorption which would explain why apples make me feel sick. Which is ironic, since in my case “an apple a day keeps the doctor in pay.”

And here’s another pretty pretty picture from

Yes, I know, it’s not Papua.

*not yet

**mmm, tasty babies.

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    1. That’s all the christmas salad is – a poor-man’s version of yours. Didn’t you recognise it (with exactly one of the usual ingredients. . .)

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