#189: Vote

I just voted in Australia’s national election.

I waited in a little line, wrote numbers in boxes, and made a difference to governmental policy for the next few years. My vote could help save a few more refugees, or legalise gay marriage, or help slow global warming. No one shot at me, disinherited me, or used my name to vote against my wishes.

That’s pretty awesome.

And here to assist your contemplation of peaceful democracy – a picture from flickr.com (if you’ve lost track of the “Peace Hostage” tale, I just posted the story so far):

Tomorrow: Experiment on a cat (the video is prepped and good to go. . . although the experiment didn’t turn out the way I expected*)

*The cat is FINE**

**For certain values of “fine”.

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10 thoughts on “#189: Vote

  1. Study law. One of the first things they told us was ‘representative government is a convenient fiction used to stop people from complaining too loudly about not having any input in the system.’

    Terrifying, but such is the nature of living in the collective.

    1. W and Ann on Ana: It’s possible I didn’t tie it tightly enough, or it doesn’t work as well on long-haired cats, or something. Or she’s so naturally unco it didn’t make any difference.

      Yeah, representative government is scary. Especially today. Oh well, either way it’s a hung parliament, so nothing’s going to change for worse OR better.

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