#208: Fish Doctor

I believe I have successfully diagnosed a mortally dangerous flaw in my bro-in-law and sister’s fish tank (the water isn’t changed often enough – they’re already fish serial killers, and have been wondering why).

The tank is, in itself, awesome. My bro-in-law set it up so the off button turns off the light.

I’m pretty confident in my diagnosis, since I researched it online, ran tests with different-coloured water (really; real tests, too) and pronounced my judgement before realising as bro-in-law changed the water that the pic at the back is actually white – not yellow, as it appeared to me. Water shouldn’t be yellow, kids.

Also, the fish that was acting especially sick yesterday is already acting less sick.

So what did you do today? I SAVED A FREAKIN’ LIFE.

Long-term readers will know that my first foray into fish-keeping (which was actually my second, but my first this decade – and by “this” decade I mean since the year 2000) ended horribly.



It’s been almost six months, and all my new batch of fish are fine (well, except for the one Sherlock killed and ate, but that’s arguably natural causes. Sherlock has a new mummy now, since I decided not to risk the rest).

So this is one of those neat times where life comes out of death. Aww.

Hey look! A steampunk dalek!

This image was taken from nerdcore.de

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2 thoughts on “#208: Fish Doctor

  1. Love the fish tank! I remember that when I was growing up in England I had a bookcase made from an old wooden TV. I was such a bookworm and it was filled with Enid Blyton books and old 1930s boarding school story type annuals. It was deep enough to store my Easter eggs once a year also…

    Hope all is well with the impending birth – looking forward to hearing the good news.

    1. Thanks Barbara. My sister is due this Thursday, so we’re getting VERY bored! But all is well so far.

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