#224: Visit a display home

Today CJ and I drove to Murrumbateman to visit a display home and see how drool-resistant modern floors really are.*

































The kitchen was sooo dreamy.
















You’ll notice it has the same floating-bench-with-sink-and-dishwasher that I put in my fantasy house plan the other day.

CJ had a manly swoon at the rising power point (also on the floating bench) – and of course the fact it was designed to be North-facing. It also had bathrooms with separate toilets, which I adore. I also adore the fake stone stuff out the front and under the bench.






















The clock in the above picture may look familiar. That’s because CJ and I were given one** when we married.


We did actually learn some interesting stuff between the druglord fantasies. This particular company – Regal homes – can adjust almost anything in the home design to your preferences (including moving walls, chopping bits off, etc). Their cheapest homes cost about $250,000 to build (which at least gives us an idea – that’s for 3 bedrooms and a study, which is more than we’d need anyway). It costs $15,000 to knock down an old home – which is so much less than I thought that it opens up some interesting possibilities.

We’ll just see.






















In the meantime, here’s a lady who might have got on with Anne Bonny (my favourite part is when she fakes her lover’s death by digging up a corpse and then burning down the nunnery where they were both, clearly, naughty nuns).



**after some not-so-subtle hintage from yours truly

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8 thoughts on “#224: Visit a display home

  1. Ahhh – its cheap to knock down yes, but the land prices in the Canberra region will kill you too…… You might try Captains Flat or Yass……

    1. Well. . . not that cheap. But there’s no wy we’re buying anything outside of canberra. Not even a shrubbery.

  2. I especially liked that she met her life-long (male) lover by defeating him and his two friends in a swordfight (while disguised as a man to avoid a sentence of death-by-fire) – then, having literally run him right through, she nursed him back to health and the love bloomed.

    Ah… Classic Romance…

      1. Ben: We signed up to receive their advertising, so spam is a given. Educational spam, though, especially if we collect data on other companies too.

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