#231: Cut your own hair in a fit of rage

When I cut out chocolate I:

1. Lose the will to live

2. Cry a lot

3. Get headaches

4. Struggle to stay awake during the day (which leads to insomnia, then a vicious cycle)

5. Write less

6. Get gross skin (you’d think the opposite would happen, but it doesn’t – the effect of the no-chocolate stress outweighs the effect of the eating-less-oil)

7. Have strong violent urges eg I recently punched CJ’s iphone* (not a sane thing for a financially-stressed person to do).

The Gilmore Girls has been helping to pass the long, hopeless hours until I can eat chocolate again (which helps with #1 and #4), but it doesn’t help me express frustration at all – hence # 7. Last night was especially bad, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and hacked off about 6 inches of my flowing locks. After that my urge to kill was much diminished.** I continued to shed chunks of hair for several rather itchy hours.



















At some point soon I’ll get CJ to fix it up a bit.

Here’s your pirate pic for the day. It’s for sale if you go to joshsimagination.blogspot.com (rating unknown).


















In related chocolate/violent-urges news, I let myself weigh in a day early today on the basis that it’s that special (and nauseous) time of the month, so I decided that if I made my weight goal for this week I could skip exercise today. After lengthy contortions, I beat the scales into submission. Which means no exercise today, and I feel like all (or at least most) of this last week’s awfulness has made a difference. Hence, feeling a lot better. The worst dieting time is always femininity-related, so it should get better from here.

*Well it WAS giving me attitude

**. . . yay

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7 thoughts on “#231: Cut your own hair in a fit of rage

    1. CJ: Thank you. That’s incredibly sweet. I forgot to mention what I did to the car door last week.

    1. Barbara: I fixed it up a bit today and it looks fine. Longer hair suits me better, but I’m fine with that. The key is not cutting off anything that doesn’t grow back.

  1. The shorter hair suits you just as well. Looks great!

    And I wish I’d had the freedom to punch my computer the other day. I taught one of the foreign grad students a few new words…

    1. W: Thanks. Me punching the iphone wasn’t a conscious choice. . . if I wanted to destroy something, I’d make it something cheap and/or useless.

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