#225: Spring Clean

Admit it. You did not see this one coming. I’ve read about spring cleaning in books, and I understood the general concept, but today for the first time I did it for myself. Our house had a teensy black mould problem, not helped by the unusually wet few months we’ve just had. Today I opened all the windows and doors, sprayed exit mould until my head spun around and even repotted two of my plants. I know – craaaaazzzy. Ana freaked out and ran up and down the stairs in a wild-eyed panic (which was helpful for air circulation, I’m sure). I also washed all our clothes and towels.


Hopefully CJ and I will be able to fly our borrowed kite this evening. It’s looking good.

Speaking of wild adventure, your pirate pic of the day (from gamerevolution.com):



Ana could totally take him.

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