S#10: The Royal Bedchamber

I enlisted the help of J. K. Rowling, Robin Hobb, Terry Pratchett and Eoin Coifer (and also a pair of stilts, some pegs, and a tablecloth) in making a canopy for the bed CJ and I share. My plan was to lie down and read until it fell over, but Ana had other ideas.

First, she explored.

Then she destroyed it (which took under 2 seconds – gotta love my craftsmanship), washed herself thoroughly (mocking my craftsmanship as I took a dozen blurry pictures), and settled down.

She was casting thoughtful glances upwards, so I decided to avoid seeing what happened when all seven Harry Potters arrived on her head – and I pulled the tablecloth down. She played dead at first. . .

. . . gave me her patented aggrieved look. . .

. . . and fell asleep.

Not piratical enough for you? How’s this cat (from coolestfamilyever.com)?

In unrelated news, I showered yesterday and shaved one leg. The surprising part is not that I forgot what I was doing until I was out and dry and featuring one alluringly hairy leg – the surprising part is that I haven’t done it before.

If you’re in Canberra, don’t forget to put your corpsepaint on and join  the zombie walk this Saturday! I’ll be blogging about it this Sunday.

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5 thoughts on “S#10: The Royal Bedchamber

    1. Thanks for the idea Jolyon. It’s on the lists (it’ll have to be a private party, since CJ and I have 5 Christmas parties to attend so far).

      1. I probably have people coming over the Monday before Christmas. I could cunningly spring a Christmas party on them – just before logging on, I put it in my diary.

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