#139: Hunt up a bargain at a junk market

This was suprisingly enjoyable and useful.

CJ and W and I went a-wandering at the Jamison markets last Sunday, and it was good (and not just because I enjoy being surrounded by nice-looking boys). CJ and I bought Christmas presents for three people, and also bought a Carole Wilkinson book for $5 (sweet!) and a lump of beeswax to make the drawers of various furniture items slide better.

We saw a side-saddle saddle.

And a really excellent antique stall with a seafaring flavour (and some fantastically racist kitch).

Then we wandered into Aldi and witnessed first-hand the eerie similarity between Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Play along at home score: 8 out of 10 – recommended for the bookshops alone (they had really good stuff – Ben Elton and James Patterson and Pamela Freeman and much more – cheaper than second-hand bookshops, and most of it in perfect condition)

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2 thoughts on “#139: Hunt up a bargain at a junk market

  1. Still disturbed by the SantaBunnies. What would Anya think?! Not only EvilDemonSantaWhoDisembowelsChildren but half bunny as well!

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