#251: Presents!

I recently received a large pile of loot.

This is literally half of the loot under my parents’ tree (and no, they don’t have children living with them).

Among my loot this Christmas was:

a new printer (ours broke months ago)

a new phone (mine was held together by sticky tape, and would crash periodically)

a balloon flight voucher (don’t worry, I’ll tell you ALL about the flight when it happens)

sweeeeet delicious boooooookkkkkkssssss including work by Naomi Novik, Terry Pratchett, Derek Landy, Phil and Kaia Foglio, and Joss Whedon.

cat toys (CJ and I just made a video which I’ll post tomorrow)

What did you get for Christmas that you absolutely love – or hate?

What do you think is the worst present ever?

I once, during a rather desperate financial period (I spent an average of $5 a week on groceries during a 6-month period), gave my then-boyfriend a picture of myself that was (a) seven years out of date, and (b) a gift from a previous romance (it even included a message of undying love in the first man’s handwriting). Making it even worse, it was a 21st present.

Still embarrassing.

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4 thoughts on “#251: Presents!

  1. Hmm. You can’t say that you got a book from the Foglios and not say which it was! Do tell! (I also gave Foglio works for Christmas this year…)

    My worst present giving experience had to be for a friends’ 16th birthday. I had no idea what to get him. He was rather artistic, and I ended up settling on a spherical glass paperweight (with a slightly flattened bottom), complete with aquatic scene inside. When I presented it to him, he looked at it, and said “You know, I was watching this show last night where they were talking about getting presents, and they all agreed that they all hated getting a paperweight.” He later went on to use my paperweight as a modelling device for his artistic endeavours, so I felt my choice was vindicated.

    1. Jolyon: Yep, that’s pretty awkward. Presents are such a social minefield. The book was Girl Genius #6 (we had 1-5 and 7, so it was especially welcome).

  2. Ah, an excellent choice. I can’t even remember which part of the plot #6 was, but I’m certain that the books are much easier (and quicker) to read than the online version. I keep on eyeing the newly _coloured_ versions of books #1 and 2 – I have the black and white ones 😉

    The books I gave this Christmas were the Buck Godot collections, however. Couldn’t manage to get the Gallimaufry though, which was where I though that series really shined.

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