S#73: Get away from it all

We’re here!

CJ and I are on our second honeymoon* at The Palms Apartments, Merimbula. This is precisely where we came on our original honeymoon, except this time we’re on the first floor – which means THIS time we have water views and a proper balcony.

The proper balcony (also, a portrait of the author in her night attire):

It also has a good-sized spa bath in the spare bathroom (having two bathrooms on our honeymoon was a very nice way to ease into sharing a room and house). And complimentary bubble bath, naturally. (Side note: I brought a little plastic duck I was given eons ago, thinking it was full of bubble bath. It wasn’t: it was bubble mix and a blower stick.  Every so often, when I least expect it, bubbles float down into my vision. CJ’s guerilla instincts have been drawn out by a duck. Who knew?)

Other than various awesomenesses and beachin’ it, we will spend a lot of time mooching about. This is a Brown Brothers Moscato that I particurly like (and thus “tidied up” from the leftovers at the birthday part last week).

Yeah, this is the life.

Our apartment also has a feature I look for in companions and houses alike: eccentricity. All the Palms apartments (other than the giant Penthouse) are built very, very long so that everyone gets water views. Which is why visitors end up with hallways like this:

The far end is the front door and the main bedroom is right next to it. I’m taking the photo beside the kitchen/living area, which is also (rationally enough) where the AC is located. CJ and I spent the whole week saying things like:
“Hey look! The hallway has a vanishing point.”

“I’m going to fetch my phone from the bedroom. If I’m not back in half an hour it means I got lost.”

“Do we have any snacks for me to eat on the way?”

“I’d fetch the camera from our room, but it’s only three hours until dinner time.”

and so on.

CJ also pointed out it was an ideal location for Australian Rules Indoor Quidditch**. All you need to play is a long (and indestructable) hall and one of those bouncy balls that lights up when you hit them against something. You also require complete darkness.

One person throws the ball hard against a wall. It bounces several times as it goes toward the other person, who attempts to catch it based on the sudden flashes of light.


We considered playing it, but the light fitting is glass and the walls are plaster (which could break or get stained). Oh well.

Let me know if any of you manage to play Australian Rules Indoor Quidditch. . . it would make me so happy.

*not actually true. I don’t mention trips away online until we’re safely back home. So nyah.

**for which we tip our mutual hat to Nick, who has played it many a time.

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  1. Actually, I said Nick was the one that told me about it, but I don’t think I said that he’d played it himself.

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