#297: Random Sauce

Here’s how you play:

1. Flip a coin. Heads – you go to the Asian food aisle of your local supermarket. Tails – you go to the Pasta and sauce aisle.

2. Close your eyes, take twelve steps forward (or the same number as your age in years), and grab an item off the shelf (bonus points if the supermarket is crowded).

3. If it’s some kind of sauce, you win. Buy the other ingredients and go home. If it’s not a sauce, go to the other aisle (Asian if you’re in Pasta; Pasta if you’re in Asian) and try again. Continue until you get sauce (or thrown out by security).

4. Cook and eat your new best friend.

5. Report back on success/failure/arrest.

My conclusion: Yummy, but not enough sauce (or, sidebar, any hint of vegies – my bad). Next time I’ll double the sauce. Also, a question for Mr Internet – is there a difference between pork tenderloin and stir-fry pork?

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2 thoughts on “#297: Random Sauce

  1. OMG there is soooo totally a difference between pork tenderloin and stir-fry pork!!!! Tenderloin is only THE most expensive cut of meat there is – for the totally understandable reason that it takes a up a very small proportion of the animal, and it is relatively underutilized by the animal and therefore is very tender! Stir-fry pork is whatever cheap cut of meat they have left over….

    And yes, I am a meat snob!!!!! I dont fork out $40 a kilo for tenderloin though….

    1. Ann: Well, the back of the packet said to use pork tenderloin, and (obviously) I used pork stir fry, and it was very nice. Gotta love ingredient substitution.

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