S#32: Break from technology

Steff Metal is one of those mad fools who thinks that “Real Life” has some kind of benefit beyond that bestowed by the sweet sweet glow of computer and TV screens. Based on her list suggestion, I have now completed (over a period of many months) seven days without TV and internet.

Conclusion: Never, ever again.

To celebrate my newly rediscovered love of all things square and glowing, here is a present for you, Mr Internet.

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9 thoughts on “S#32: Break from technology

  1. Imagine…when all the cats die out in this world because their owners could not be bothered leaving the computer to feed them, at least there will be pictorial evidence they existed…

    1. Gregg: Don’t worry. The cats will survive by simply eating those who die at their desks. Eventually there’ll be a super popular “LOLhumans” site, in memory of the race of slaves cats foolishly allowed to die out.

    1. Angela: Thank you. As I build nefarious plans for this blog post year-of-daily-awesomeness, one of my files is filling up exclusively with adorable cat moments for future release. There are about 120 so far.

  2. I just don’t get the Internet thing. I don’t find them cute, adorable or anything else. In fact, there are WAY too many cat images on the net, infesting pages that I might otherwise care to visit…. Even Ana doesn’t inspire any fond feeling from me.

    1. Ann: You just proved the internet is full of crazy people. How else could you say such things about Ana?

      1. So failing to find a cat cute makes me crazy? I can live with that..!!!

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