Writing Binge

Guess what I did yesterday?

I slept in, then did some writing.

I rode my exercise bike, then did some writing.

I went shopping, then did some writing.

I did a load of washing, then did some writing.

I cooked dinner, then did some writing.

I saw friends, then did some writing.

Due to the vagaries of my tutoring schedule, I have absolutely no work – not a single hour – for the next two weeks. So from my absolute lack of lemons, I’m making lemonade.

The Easter Weekend is pretty busy, but before and after that I’m doing almost nothing but write.

Today, for example, is just like yesterday except without the shopping and the friends coming over. Instead I’m vacuuming the house and getting the car blinker fixed.

Tomorrow is similar, except I may dust. Or not. And I may have a job interview (for reasons that I think are pretty clear). Or not.

On Thursday I’ll emerge blinking into the non-fictional world. Until then, I’ll be wearing my pajamas and having a ball.

And, as always, discussing the finer points of grammar with my paperweight, Indah:

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6 thoughts on “Writing Binge

  1. Reminds me of some days writing my thesis. 🙂 But you’re so much better at not procrastinating than I am.

    1. W: Probably because writing a steampunk adventure is SLIGHTLY more fun than discussing Chinese phonemes.

      1. I took mine to woolies at 9pm once…. There are some really judgmental people out there. Don’t they know that woolies is the natural range of the bogan?

      2. Ann: Unfortunately several of my employers live nearby, so PJs in Woolies is a no-go. Fortunately, my PJs are my clothes, so no-one’s any the wiser.

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