Zombie Begonia

Not all plants die horribly immediately after I bring them home. Some manage to live despite the odds.

Others die. . . and then claw their way back from the grave.

You may remember my heavy metal begonia. It looked cute for a bit, and then it died – emphatically.

I googled begonias and decided to keep it inside, and water it less.

So, after a few weeks of having a dead plant on my writing desk, I was as surprised as anyone to see new leaves emerging beneath the dead sticks.


I might not be good at caring for plants, but this is also not the first time I’ve watched a dead plant spontaneously revive after getting moved inside. Evidently it’s not me that kills things. . . it’s nature.

*walks off whistling innocently*

Today is day three of my writing binge, and I’m loving it. Ana decided to get in on the paperweight action (FYI, the gun on the left is a pepperbox, and the other is a Colt – the same type Ned Kelly used):

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6 thoughts on “Zombie Begonia

  1. It’s obviously the psychic energy from your paperweight(s) that are responsible for the revival!

  2. ‘I’ve asked Dr. Bomba to look into how nature does it, because Nature is an excellent killer of things..’

    …Incidentally, you do realise that if Aliens are reading your blog (And I think we all know that they are…), they think that you and all of your friends and family are cats…

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