Name and shame?

I recently entered a short story contest.

It had several peculiar characteristics (danger! danger!), so I wouldn’t have entered except that (a) It didn’t cost anything to enter, and (b) It was backed by one of Australia’s biggest and most reputable publishers (I checked on their web site and it was indeed legitimately based there).

The results should have been announced yesterday. Instead, all traces of the contest were deleted from the internet.

It looks rather like I’ve been had.

A few moments ago, I emailed the publisher with the details and let them know they had six weeks to explain and/or fix what I graciously pretended to assume was a technical glitch.

After that six weeks, if they don’t do the right thing, I will share with you – and any blog or media outlet that will listen – exactly who they are. Which of course I also told them in the email.

Will this be the greatest showdown since my cats decided they didn’t like getting picked up? Or will this reputable publisher explain that actually it WAS a technical glitch and they’re awfully sorry?

I hate that thousands of dewy-eyed writers get preyed on every year by unscrupulous people claiming to be real publishers/agents/contest judges. It’s not gonna happen in MY town. . . not without consequences.

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2 thoughts on “Name and shame?

  1. Whooooooo!!!!!

    Your cats dont like being picked on???? But I do that all the time….

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