Pie, professionalism, and panic

Today’s official awesomeness is pie. Specifically, pecan pie from the Cheesecake Shop. Being healthily obsessed with that particular pie, I decided to buy some two months ago (a rare treat) only to discover that my usual Cheesecake Shop haunt doesn’t make it any more! Disaster!

Luckily, I was able to travel across town and buy one elsewhere.

Here’s what it looks like – it’s surprisingly heavy and rich.

Yesterday’s contest fiasco was simple lateness on the part of the judges (I assume the relevent web sites were simply programmed to shut down when the results were announced – which of course they weren’t at the time). With the help of that publisher’s customer service people and Mr Google, I was able to prove to my own satisfaction that the competition was legit after all.

Boring, I know. I’m so sorry there wasn’t a giant conspiracy. Also, I didn’t win.

You know what else is boring? Dryers. After two years of marriage, and having written a “Thank you for your lovely wedding gift of cash. We used it to buy a dryer” note (we actually spent it on groceries) – CJ and I bought a dryer.

We bought a Simpsons 4 litre, and bargained the price down to $287.

Still bored?

Here’s a panicked kitten picture just for you.

We didn’t switch it on, but we did close the door.

You can expect to see at least one picture of her enjoying the styrofoam packaging in the next little while.

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