Throw Up

There’s a great deal of difference between a pregnant woman who claims she’s “really very, very sick” and hasn’t tried a single medication – and a pregnant woman who is on the strongest possible nausea meds and still throws up just because she walks past some food.

To all the medical personnel who gave me disbelieving looks this week – I told you so.  

Being a vomit expert thanks to my days at sea (did I mention I threw up while working aloft? I did? Did I mention it was also raining? Well, it was), I already knew that the best thing about throwing up is the fifteen minutes afterwards, when your body actually thinks it’s solved the nausea problem and leaves you alone for a moment.

So I cleaned up my own chunder, drank water, and (gag) brushed my teeth.

I don’t feel better physically, but psychologically I’ve gone from a quivering jelly of patheticness to someone who is having a genuinely bad time and handling it pretty okay.

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10 thoughts on “Throw Up

  1. Hang in there, of course. After being sick the other night, I can say that I definitely know what it’s like. But I do recognise that feeling of “well, thank goodness that’s out of my system.”

    1. W: It’s really unhelpful knowing it’ll be another four and a half weeks – but at least I know it’ll probably end then.

  2. Dang it! I forgot a word! I meant to say “I definitely have *NO IDEA* what it’s like.” Stupid brain.

    1. W: You weren’t as bad as you think. You actually said something like “I definitely have know idea what it’s like” and I corrected you (incorrectly, as it turns out). I should have guessed that you’d never presume to say anything that could possibly be construed as patronising.

  3. Does the fact that it is generally considered that the worse the morning sickness the healthier the pregnancy help?

    1. Ann: It’s a kind theory. I suspect, however, it’s much like, “It’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day” – a desperate scramble by passers-by to make the girl feel better about a bad situation.

  4. Hang in there, girl. Four and a half weeks isn’t so bad, is it? I followed somebody online who decided that they were going to listen to Justin Bieber’s albums, in order, on repeat, all day every day, and no other music, for a month. Said person was a 40-something male. It drove them bonkers, but they survived 😉

    1. Jolyon: Well that’s certainly the weirdest piece of encouragement yet.

      1. And the word ‘why’ is now screaming in my ears? Is he a masochist of some sort?

        You have to trust yourself as it’s worthless trusting doctors. They tend to work by norms and if you don’t fit the norms then you often get disbelieved. Really glad to hear that they are listening to you a little better now.

        But if you want me to bite anyone on the ankle for you, I’m there…

      2. tabby: She’s giving me more maxolon, so that bodes well.

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