Encounter with a bushranger

This is an extract from “Australian Bushrangers” by George Boxall (not recommended for younger readers):

[A Sydney tollman sharing a pipe with a stranger was rather alarmed when it turned out the stranger was the notorious bushranger Jackey Jackey.]

“Ain’t you afraid of being took?” asked the tollman. Jackey laughed. “I’d like to see who’ll stop me while I’ve these little bull-dogs about me,” he said, tapping his pistols. He stood chatting while he smoked, regardless of the fact that Grose’s farm, now the grounds of the Sydney University, was within a stone’s-throw of the toll-bar. He offered the tollman some money and asked him to go to the public house for some rum. The tollman replied, “I can’t leave the bar.” “All right,” returned Jackey, “then I’ll get it myself.” He went away to Toogood’s inn and returned in a few minutes with a half-pint of rum. He gave some to the toll-keeper and took a stiff glass himself. Then he shook hands with the tollman, mounted his horse, and rode on.

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