Pets = children?

Today marks seventeen weeks, and (thanks to medication) I feel okay most of the time. I gained just over a kilo this week due to eating almost exactly like a normal person.

Last Friday I met my primary midwife (I will be giving birth at a birthing centre attached to a hospital). We got on very well, and I now have an idea of how the rest of the pregnancy will go (in terms of how many times I’ll see her, when birthing classes are, etc). I have also booked my twenty-week ultrasound for early September. . . and yes, I’ll be telling everyone the gender here the following Wednesday (if I can resist sharing for that long).

Here is a list of what my cats have taught me about parenthood:

1. Life = cleaning up a variety of bodily fluids from both expected and unexpected locations.

2. Injuries in small creatures cost a lot of money, usually at 2am.

3. Biting and scratching is cute when they’re young, but if you don’t train them they will injure you regularly for the rest of your life.

4. Never forget: you are not the only one who needs food and bathroom supplies from the grocery shop.

5. Looks of scathing hatred from your dependents are part of being a parent.


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4 thoughts on “Pets = children?

    1. Stace: It’s too bad you can’t leave children with a bowl each of water and dry food for the weekend πŸ™‚

      1. Stace: LOL! Stories about bad mums are so encouraging right now. Apparently I’m not meant to smack them on the nose, either – not even to make them stop whining.

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