New chocolate bar: A review

Several weeks ago now, I heard of a brilliant new product from Kit Kat:



It is a chunky Kit Kat with three different sections – each one filled with a different type of caramel. There’s caramel fudge, crunchy caramel, and flowing caramel. Since I love caramel, chocolate, and chunky Kit Kats, I was intrigued at once. After a wait of several weeks, I finally acquired a bar and tried it out.

Sadly, although the concept is brilliant, the execution is lacking. The smooth flowing caramel is perfect (hard to get that wrong) but the fudge is very ordinary, and the “crunchy caramel” is clearly just the fudge again, but with crunchy bits put in (the crunchy bits are nice).

Frankly, I don’t think the fudge is actually fudge. It’s just filler. I suspect real fudge is too expensive to produce.

Kit Kat is currently advertising at least two other riffs on the three-in-one theme, but I tried the chocolate version and was equally unimpressed by the amount of effort put in to the fillings.

Verdict: Genius plan; poor follow through.

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5 thoughts on “New chocolate bar: A review

  1. I fell for the same trap. And, surprisingly enough, I came up with the same results. The crunch was nice, but it was just the other thing with crunch, and the fudge was just stuff, not fudge.

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