Bra shopping

The pregnant body does all kinds of peculiar things, and the expansion in all directions can be difficult to deal with. There’s one area of growth that is welcome, however.

And so it was that a voluptuous friend and I went shopping for bras, and discovered I am now a D cup. This made me very happy.



I was less happy to discover that I now need size 18 underwear, but oh well. It feels good to be wearing the right size underwear and bra for the first time in ages. I bought maternity bras in hopes that they’ll still be the right size when I need front-opening clasps for breastfeeding.




I also bought an outfit that I’m hoping will fit for at least another month –


PS Reader Stuart has bet that I can’t resist spending at least some money on baby-related items. I would argue that buying new clothes for myself doesn’t count – but, for the record, I spent $65.

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10 thoughts on “Bra shopping

    1. Stu: i confess I was tempted by a tiny white fairy dress and an equally tiny pair of denim overalls. . . but I resisted. Partly because my mum is planning to by me a brand new gender-specific outfit to celebrate finding out which gender Mini-Me is. I can’t wait to find out!

  1. Where exactly did you get that blue thing? Its the weirdest thing I’ve seen in ages, but it looks kinda comfy in a letting in all hang out kind of way πŸ˜€

    1. Ann: Weird, I know. My large-busted (and much much younger) friend wanted to shop in SES, so we did. It’s a cheap clothing shop with a large number of peculiar items (I really can’t imagine any teenager wearing these, for example). I figured real tracksuit pants would dig in at the waist and/or fail to contain my expanding bum – but these might just work. They’re loose enough to be comfy and tight enough to show a distinctly pregnant-looking belly.

      1. Interesting…. I thought you’d been op shopping, they are too frightfully retro to be new… Or at least that was kinda the hope!!!! As pregnancy pants with something over them, ok, as a fashion item….. I think they speak for themselves!

      2. Ann: You really are the proof that tact doesn’t grow on trees, aren’t you?

      3. No, tact isn’t a strong suit. But admit it, it’s not something you would have bought it under normal circumstances.

      4. Ann: No, of course not. But it’s an improvement on the “sack” look that I’ve been going for lately.

  2. Isn’t it awesome wearing bras that actually fit you? πŸ˜› The blue thing should be comfy for hopefully the next month or so. If you were ever in the mood to dress it up for public wear in the future: Belt, short jacket, hair up and heels. (I’m not a fan of them, but this is a style I’ve seen and somewhat approved of)

    (and 8 years isn’t MUCH much younger :p)

    1. Steffi: I’m pretty sure I have a short crocheted jacket somewhere that’d be perfect for this. At some point I’ll do a blog on pregnancy fashion a la Louise. Other than comfort and adjustability, the main reason I liked the blue thing was that it shows I still have something resembling a (high) waist – which is an amazing achievement, even at this early stage (I am MUCH thicker around the waist than ever before).

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