Picnic at Floriade

Every year, Canberra explodes into colour for the Spring flower festival, Floriade. CJ and I borrowed my photogenic nephew and lounged about on the grass just outside the gates (it is free and extremely popular) before going inside.





Floriade is on until 15 October.

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6 thoughts on “Picnic at Floriade

  1. I went to Nightfest with M. We both found it very spectacular. The flowers with the lighting at night were just as pretty and it gave an extra dimension to it all. We watched Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing (worth the effort to watch) and skipped watching Tangled, though I hear it’s very good.

    By far the most outstanding thing was the light show called something like “Storm of the Senses”. They hung bars of LED lights in the trees down one of the paths and had the light streaming down to imitate rainfall, with storm sounds in the background. They intermittently played songs with the lights going in time with patterns to the music. It was out-freakin-standing!

    The rain lightshow I’ll have to upload my version off my phone… but
    With music:

    1. W: Wow. That sounds amazing. Someday CJ and I will have to actually go to Nightfest.

      1. It was actually worth the money. I was a little worried that $25 a ticket was going to turn out overpriced, but I found it was worth it, if you can afford it – families are a little more disadvantaged (but the price of two adults gets two kids in for free, essentially).

      2. W: $25 is an incomprehensible amount to me this year, but it’s good to know that it truly is worth it.

  2. I wouldn’t normally pay that much to get into most things (I was muttering angrily under my breath while booking the tickets), but it was a special occasion, so I made an exception.

    1. W: I know it’s an unusual expense for you – which just makes your “it was worth it” hold more weight.

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